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services on BR and NA regions League of Legends boosting services available on BR and NA regions. Buy our Elo Boost services and reach your goals as fast as you can.
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About Us

Safe Checkout

Our website uses smart checkouts from specialized companies on the market, that way, your "sensitive" data are only passed through to these companies by a link genereted by them. Hence, none of your credit card data or personal information stays stored in our database.


Created by a high tecnical level team, our platform is 100% automated, not having the need for you to interact with any of our employees in order to make a purchase. In case there is any questions about our services, we provide a online chat to help you out with any doubts that you have.

Quick and Pro

We hire only the best. With a team composed of only masters, grandmasters and challenger boosters, our team offers great quality services with great speeds to ensure the best customer experience there is on the market.


Different from most elo boost companies in the market, we make the service flexible depending on how much league points(LP), you currently have in your account and calculate, from specialized algorithms, to generete the best price we can offer for your service.

No Bans!

We have worked with account boosting for 5 years and never had a banned account resulted from our services. This happens due to our knowledge on user patterns like activable items, flash keys and such, keeping the configuration as close as possible to the user's preferred choice. Read More


Everyday we are reinventing ourselves to be the best company in the field. With that in mind, we are currently providing our services in two regions (NA and BR) and with plans to expand our services worldwide but, before we expand, we need to have the assurance that our service will be able to attend the user globally as masterfully as we already do in the currente regions.